Torrens Welcomes Appeals Court Order Keeping His Name On Florida Attorney General Ballot

Democratic Primary Candidate Issues Statement Hailing "Good News!" TAMPA, Fla – “Good news! I’m back on the ballot for tomorrow’s Democratic primary election for Florida Attorney General.” First thing Monday morning, Florida’s First District Court of Appeals granted our emergency motion seeking an immediate halt in implementation of Friday afternoon’s circuit court decision that disenfranchised tens of thousands of Florida early voters by removing me from the ballot just four days before Election Day. The appeals court also granted our motion expedite the appeal process. Florida’s appeals court continues to review the arguments of both sides concerning my challenge of the propriety of Circui

Torrens Appeals Judge's Ruling, Vows to Fight for Florida's Now Disenfranchised Voters

Fights to remain on ballot days before Primary Election. TAMPA, Fla. – Ryan Torrens, Democratic candidate for Florida Attorney General, filed an immediate notice of appeal Friday night and requested the First District Court of Appeal to halt the implementation of a lower court judge’s 11-th hour ruling. The ruling Friday removed him from Tuesday’s Democratic primary ballot due to a contribution law technicality – a move the court undertook, disenfranchising the tens of thousands of citizens who have already voted for his campaign. Torrens’ appeal was based on the fact, verified by credit union documents, which the court took into evidence, but ignored in its order, that the funds in question

Ryan Torrens Wants to Put Consumers First as Florida Attorney General

While Florida is considered a swing state in presidential elections, Republicans have dominated state government for decades. No Democrat has been elected Governor of Florida since 1994, and Republicans have controlled both chambers of the Florida State Legislature since 1997. Along with a supermajority in the State House, Republicans also have a state government triplex, meaning that they hold the governorship, the state attorney general’s office, and the secretary of state’s office. For over two decades now, checks and balances in Florida state government have been non-existent, with no entities of state government able to hold the GOP accountable for its discriminatory agenda. But that co

Torrens Urges Opponent Join Him in Dropping Lawsuits

Proposes Joint Press Conference with Primary Opponent Tampa, FL - The Democratic primary for Florida attorney general has recently taken a very unfortunate – and very negative – turn. My primary opponent filed a lawsuit against me to try to get me thrown off the ballot due to a technicality. Having no choice but to defend my integrity, and the integrity of my wife, I brought a libel countersuit against my opponent. This sad, negative turn of events in this critical race is potentially catastrophic to the Democrats’ chances of taking back the attorney general’s office in November. When Democrats tear each other apart, Republicans win, and the people lose. Florida cannot afford a continuation

Torrens Counter-Sues Shaw for Libel

Defends personal integrity and asserts rights in court proceedings. TAMPA, Fla – Tuesday, Ryan Torrens, Democratic candidate for Florida Attorney General, countersued his primary opponent Rep. Sean Shaw for libel Tuesday. “By erroneously raising these false claims, my opponent falsely and frivolously challenged my integrity, as a professional and as someone aspiring to public office, and that of my wife,” Torrens added. “In addition, I have exercised my right to request a jury trial on our libel claim for damages against my primary opponent.” Torrens is a consumer attorney in Tampa and has been named a “Rising Star” in consumer law by SuperLawyers Magazine. Torrens asserts in his countersuit

Torrens Reacts to Drejka Charges

TAMPA, Fla – Ryan Torrens, democratic candidate for Florida Attorney General, issued a statement after learning of the Manslaughter Charges filed against Michael Drejka Monday. "I am thankful that the state attorney made the right call to bring this man to justice. Unfortunately, justice has been delayed for too long. We look forward to Mr. Drejka being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and we continue to grieve with the McGlockton family. As your next attorney general, I will use the full authority of the office to see that this unconstitutional license to kill known as Stand Your Ground will be struck down and I will advocate aggressively for its repeal in the legislature. No lon

Andrew Gillum, Ryan Torrens get boost from matching funds

With the $669,147 release, the state has now sent about $4.51 million to candidates. The largest checks Friday were issued to Gillum and Torrens, with their hauls reflecting matches for every individual contribution of $250 or less for most of their campaigns, according to Florida Division of Elections numbers... You can read the rest of the article here. #RyanTorrens #Primary #Election #DemocraticParty #CampaignFinance #Grassroots

Clear distinction between Democratic Attorney General Candidates on Stand Your Ground

TORRENS, SEAN SHAW APPEAR TOGETHER IN JOINT DISCUSSION ABOUT THE ATTORNEY GENERAL’S RACE Clear distinction between them on Stand Your Ground CORAL SPRINGS, Fla –Tuesday morning, Ryan Torrens and Rep. Sean Shaw, Democratic Party candidates for Florida Attorney General, both appeared before the editorial boards of the Miami Herald, Palm Beach Post, and Sun Sentinel for a conversation on the attorney general’s race that will be broadcast on WLRN. “My campaign reached out back in April to Rep. Shaw, asking to set up a series of public debates so the primary voters could hear from both of us,” said Torrens. “He never did respond to us, but we were glad to sit down with him in South Florida and we

Torrens Plans to Hold Polluters Accountable for Role in Algae Blooms, Lays Out Plan for Environmenta

Stuart, Fla-Ryan Torrens, Democratic Candidate for Florida Attorney General remarked Sunday morning at his astonishment after witnessing a lagoon full of toxic slime on Saturday afternoon. "Yesterday, I went down to Stuart, FL with my friend Matt Thoebald, who is running for FL House District 83. He wanted to make sure that I saw firsthand the impact that Big Sugar and pollution are having on our state. I couldn’t believe what we found. Toxic algae across the entire lagoon! We have heard R. David Walker talk about this and it was a big issue between Gwen Graham, Chris King, Andrew Gillum, Phillip Levine, & Jeff Greene in the debate the other day, but it’s horrible in person." When elected At

State candidates, Panhandle residents out in full force at Wausau Funday

"Each year, hundreds of people flock to the town of Wausau, population of about 400, for the annual Funday and Possum Festival. This was the 49th year of celebrating the marsupial that saved the town... "Ryan Torrens, D, candidate, attorney general “We made a promise to campaign in all [67] counties across the state,” Torrens said, noting a history of neglect in the Panhandle by Democrats. “I wanted to let the people of Washington County — whether Democrat, Republican or otherwise — know that I’d be the attorney general to fight for them.” See the full article here. #RyanTorrens #ConusmerProtection #foreclosuredefense #ZackMcDonald #TorrensLawGroup #wwwtorrenslawgroupcom #attorneygeneral #Pa

Attorney General Candidate Ryan Torrens Talks Campaign Finance Lawsuit

"Ryan Torrens is a candidate for Florida Attorney General running in the primary against Democratic Representative Sean Shaw. Recently, Shaw filed a lawsuit alleging Torrens didn’t properly qualify as a candidate, and violated campaign finance law. Torrens has come to his own defense by releasing a public rebuttal, and has filed a motion to dismiss the case. It is set to be heard on August 22, just six days before the primary election. Torrens recently sat down with WFSU’s Ryan Dailey to give his side of the story." Click here to view the full story. Click here to listen to the interview.


Thank you for visiting our page! I am a consumer protection attorney who defends Florida homeowners in foreclosure and sues big banks, debt collectors, and other big corporations for ripping people off.

On June 1, 2017, I announced my candidacy for Florida Attorney General. Believing that how much justice you get should not depend on how much money you have, I ran on a platform of fighting for everyday Floridians and standing up to big corporate interests. During our 15 month campaign, I followed through on our pledge to refuse even one penny in big corporate campaign contributions. Though we fell short, we are proud of the grassroots campaign we ran and over 365,000 Floridians joined our cause and voted for our campaign. On election night, I promised to never stop fighting and I asked you to never stop fighting! So in this connection, we are going to keep this page - what used to be our campaign Facebook page - up and running. I am going to be focusing on the causes I’m most passionate about - fighting for our consumers, advocating for addiction recovery, and doing everything I can to make sure we advance a progressive, pro-people agenda here in Florida!

- Ryan Torrens

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