Protecting Florida Families.

Consumer Protection & Standing up to Big Banks

For the last four and a half years, I have been battling the biggest banks in the country in court. I have represented many homeowners facing a foreclosure by their bank or homeowner’s association. I have been to court against JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, and many others. I have been fighting hard for my clients, and now I am prepared to fight for you.

For too long, the big banks have been treated as if they are special – as if they are entitled to special rules because they are big and powerful. This is wrong. I am running for Attorney General to be the people’s lawyer. To fight for you. If a big bank violates the rights of our people, I will go after them.

I will not accept a penny in donations from Wall Street. A campaign contribution should not be a ticket to special status with the Attorney General’s office, and it will not be so when I am the Attorney General.

The special interests have had their day. Their time is over. Please join our team and let’s take our state back!


Fighting for Seniors

As your Attorney General, I will fight to protect our seniors. Our seniors are often the victims of financial scams as they are seen as easy targets. This is wrong and as your Attorney General, I will have no tolerance for this. Our seniors will be protected.

I will continue, if not expand, the Seniors vs. Crime Program, which provides our seniors with the great opportunity to be involved in their communities and to assist victims of consumer fraud.


Protecting Florida Families

As your Attorney General, my first priority will always be the protection of you and your family from criminals. We will aggressively prosecute those crimes falling under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Attorney General. Without our safety, we have nothing.

We will also respect the due process rights of our citizens when the government is trying to take away their liberty. Just as the guilty should be punished, innocent people should not go to prison.


Tackling the 

Addiction Crisis

Opioids have ruined the lives of too many Florida families. It is time we take on the drug traffickers and hold irresponsible pharmaceutical companies accountable so our families and kids have a brighter future. We must also address the demand side of this problem and help our fellow Floridians suffering from an addiction gain access to treatment so they can become contributing members of society again.


Gun Reform

As your Attorney General, I will protect and defend the rights of local municipalities to enact gun ordinances to keep their communities safe. I agree with the chiefs of police, in that the 1992 Assault Weapons Ban should be reinstated, and I will advocate for a ban on the sale of assault weapons in the State of Florida. I will not defend the constitutionality of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” Law: Using the authority of the Florida Attorney General’s Office, I will inform the Florida Supreme Court that the State believes the law to be unconstitutional and I will not defend this license to kill as attorney general. I will also use the weight of the Attorney General’s Office to advocate for the revocation of “Stand Your Ground.”


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