Torrens Affirms Human Right to Healthcare Ahead of Summit

Ryan Torrens, Democratic Candidate for Attorney General of Florida, promises to fight for healthcare as a human right before attending the Florida Healthcare Summit.

TAMPA, Fla - February 15, 2018 – As he prepares to travel to Palm Beach County for the Florida Healthcare Summit, hosted by Progressive Democrats of America, Ryan Torrens promises to defend the rights of Floridians to have access to effective, comprehensive healthcare when he is elected Attorney General. He asserted that the ability to gain access to this type of coverage isn’t just a right of people with wealth, but a human right.

“No one should die or have their finances ruined because they don’t have adequate healthcare coverage,” said Torrens, “we will all experience sickness in our lives and it is unacceptable for us to not prepare our fellow Americans to handle those tough times.”

Torrens, a native of Tampa and consumer advocate attorney, contends that switching the focus of the Attorney General’s Office to consumer protection would support the rights of Floridians to a healthy life: “Floridians deserve an Attorney General who will hold insurance companies accountable to their consumers AND we need to make sure that big pharmaceutical companies don’t prey on our state with unsafe drugs that lead to greater problems in our communities.”

Torrens will travel to West Palm Beach, FL this weekend to continue forwarding his message at the Florida Health Care Summit where he will be a panelist speaking about the legal ramifications of establishing a universal or single-payer healthcare system. Additional information about the summit can be found at

Torrens has been campaigning across the State of Florida, all the while fighting for his clients as a consumer protection lawyer. He says that he is running to put the Attorney General’s office back on the side of consumers again.

You can find more about Ryan Torrens and his campaign at


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