Pledges to stand with Florida’s minority community leaders to shut down NRA backed law.

TAMPA, Fla – Monday, Ryan Torrens, Democratic candidate for Florida Attorney General, issued a statement in response to the killing of Markeis McGlocklan and the use of Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law to keep his killer from justice.

“It is a tragedy that keeps happening over and over again in our state, especially to our minority communities, and something must be done to end this bad law,” said Torrens. “Our politicians and the NRA have now made it much easier for violent criminals to hide behind Florida’s Stand Your Ground law to get away with murder. I stand with our prosecutors, judges, and our minority community leaders in their outrage at this law as currently structured and how it has been used to keep killers from justice. It is unconstitutional, and I will not defend it as attorney general, plain and simple.”

Torrens went on to say that Florida had effective self-defense laws in place for years until the legislature stepped in to make a law, backed by their NRA donors, that has sanctioned killings of so many unarmed black men in our state.

“Florida's Stand Your Ground law goes too far. Florida has traditionally had self-defense available, the central principle being: if you come at me with a knife, I can use a knife, and so forth. Florida's Stand Your Ground law was not necessary but was another opportunity for politicians to do the bidding of the National Rifle Association.”

Torrens has been campaigning across the State of Florida, all the while fighting for his clients as a consumer protection lawyer. He says that he is running to put the Attorney General’s office back on the side of consumers again.

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