Clear distinction between Democratic Attorney General Candidates on Stand Your Ground


Clear distinction between them on Stand Your Ground

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla –Tuesday morning, Ryan Torrens and Rep. Sean Shaw, Democratic Party candidates for Florida Attorney General, both appeared before the editorial boards of the Miami Herald, Palm Beach Post, and Sun Sentinel for a conversation on the attorney general’s race that will be broadcast on WLRN.

“My campaign reached out back in April to Rep. Shaw, asking to set up a series of public debates so the primary voters could hear from both of us,” said Torrens. “He never did respond to us, but we were glad to sit down with him in South Florida and we thank the Miami Herald, the Sun Sentinel, the Palm Beach Post, and WLRN for setting it up.”

The two answered questions for an hour, regarding their campaigns, the differences and common ground they have as Democrats, and their backgrounds.

One area that drew a stark contrast between the two candidates was on how they would handle the issue of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” Law that has been widely reported on in recent weeks.

“I have stated publicly that I think that this law is unconstitutional, as two judges here in Miami have ruled” said Torrens. “When I am elected attorney general, I WILL NOT defend this law and I will advocate for its repeal.”

When posed the same question, Rep. Shaw stated that he thought that the role of the Florida attorney general is to defend all of the laws in Florida, even if they consider them to be unconstitutional. When asked for clarification by the media, he then confirmed that he would defend the “Stand Your Ground” Law before the courts.

You can hear the entire interview here.

“Floridians want a fighter!” says Torrens. “Florida voters want an attorney general who will fight for justice and who will stand up against an unconstitutional license to kill like Stand Your Ground. This is just another difference between me and my opponent and why we need our next Attorney General to be a lawyer, not a politician.”

Torrens has been campaigning across the State of Florida, all the while fighting for his clients as a consumer protection lawyer. He says that he is running to put the Attorney General’s office back on the side of consumers again.

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