Torrens Urges Opponent Join Him in Dropping Lawsuits

Proposes Joint Press Conference with Primary Opponent

Tampa, FL - The Democratic primary for Florida attorney general has recently taken a very unfortunate – and very negative – turn. My primary opponent filed a lawsuit against me to try to get me thrown off the ballot due to a technicality. Having no choice but to defend my integrity, and the integrity of my wife, I brought a libel countersuit against my opponent.

This sad, negative turn of events in this critical race is potentially catastrophic to the Democrats’ chances of taking back the attorney general’s office in November. When Democrats tear each other apart, Republicans win, and the people lose. Florida cannot afford a continuation of the parade of horribles that has been the administration of Pam Bondi.

We need to stop going down the sad, negative road this race is on. The voters expect and deserve better. It is time we put our party and our state ahead of these petty squabbles. It is time for Democrats to lead again.

Now is the time for all Florida Democrats to be looking positively toward the future, advancing our bold agenda for progressive change. With that in mind, I want to propose that Mr. Shaw and I reverse this low-road political path our campaign has suddenly veered onto and return to the high road of discussing solutions that will solve the problems Florida voters – Democrats, independents and Republicans – care about most.

I want to invite Mr. Shaw to join with me in a new public-spirited campaign pledge: Let’s both agree to drop our lawsuits – right now – and instead of meeting in a courtroom on Wednesday to tear each other down, let’s meet for a joint press conference, declaring loud and clear that no matter who prevails in this primary, we will stand united to make sure we elect a Democratic attorney general in November. If we cannot lead on the campaign trail, Florida voters will never trust a Democrat to lead the attorney general’s office. It’s time to stop tearing each other apart so that in November, our Democratic nominee can have the strength and support to lift our people up and take back the attorney general’s office after sixteen years of Republican dominance.

I can only hope that our state party leadership and our state’s most respected Democratic leaders will rise to this crisis and not remain silent on the sidelines (as Washington’s Republicans have done when faced with conduct they know is simply wrong). Voters throughout the state have cheered my promise to not take any contributions from the big corporate special interests I will be overseeing as the people’s attorney general. Having qualified for public funding, my campaign is fully energized. I am looking forward to winning the confidence and votes of Florida Democrats in our Aug. 28 primary – and becoming our state’s next attorney general.

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