Torrens Welcomes Appeals Court Order Keeping His Name On Florida Attorney General Ballot

Democratic Primary Candidate Issues Statement Hailing "Good News!"

TAMPA, Fla – “Good news! I’m back on the ballot for tomorrow’s Democratic primary election for Florida Attorney General.”

First thing Monday morning, Florida’s First District Court of Appeals granted our emergency motion seeking an immediate halt in implementation of Friday afternoon’s circuit court decision that disenfranchised tens of thousands of Florida early voters by removing me from the ballot just four days before Election Day. The appeals court also granted our motion expedite the appeal process.

Florida’s appeals court continues to review the arguments of both sides concerning my challenge of the propriety of Circuit Court Judge Karen Gievers’ decision that was handed down just before the close of business Friday afternoon, two days after our court hearing.

But while we are awaiting the appeals court’s decision, all Floridians also need to re-think, in the name of fairness, what has occurred in the crucial final weekend – and how it impacted the Democratic primary for Florida attorney general.

The only candidate campaign message that was circulated in the mass media in these crucial final days was the language in the ruling of Circuit Court Judge Karen Gievers, which is now being appealed. The court’s negative words had the effect of spreading a very negative view of my campaign throughout the state, despite the very positive solution-oriented campaign I have run for the past 15 months as I talked with voters all over the state. Just by filing his last-minute lawsuit seeking to have me removed from the ballot, my opponent, Sean Shaw, accomplished a negative-politics messaging goal he could not have achieved by merely campaigning before voters.

Never before has a Florida appellate court approved the removal of a candidate from the ballot for an alleged campaign finance violation. Indeed, the law specifically requires that any such decision is the jurisdiction of just one entity – the Florida Election Commission. And my opponent never brought this matter before the FEC; it was just decided by one circuit court judge, without any attempt at administrative review within the executive branch.

“Over students are being swindled by student loan companies, the poor are being ripped off by payday lenders, and our fellow Floridians are caught in the grip of an addiction crisis, while our politicians fill their campaign coffers with huge contributions from big banks, payday lenders, and big pharmaceutical companies. I have always rejected and will always reject big corporate money if I have the honor of serving as the people’s lawyer as Florida’s next attorney general,” said Torrens.

“Just like I have taken on the big banks in court over and over again, I do not hesitate to take on our corrupt political system and its corporate patrons,” said Torrens.

Ryan Torrens has been campaigning throughout Florida for more than a year. Throughout his campaign, he has continued fighting for his clients as a consumer protection lawyer in Tampa, FL. Torrens says he is running to put the Attorney General’s office back on the side of consumers again.

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