I recently celebrated 5 years in recovery from addiction to alcohol. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for being granted this gift of recovery, a gift so many struggling with addiction find illusive.

I will never know why I was given this opportunity to live a good life in recovery so that will just have to remain one of the mysteries of the gods. One thing I do know is that I intend to make the most of it and use this opportunity to give back to my community and to others struggling with addiction.

While addiction shuts many doors, recovery opens doors. Recovery allows us to pursue our passions without being weighed down by the ball and chain of addiction.

I believe that we are all here to fulfill our unique life’s purpose. The question is whether we are granted the awareness to see through all of the distractions and find that purpose. Addiction blocks our potential where recovery unleashes it.

Recovery is hard. It’s really hard. It will always be “one day at a time” for me. That’s okay, though. I’ve been taking life “one day at a time” for 5 years now and it seems to work for me.

Every day is a blessing. Recovery allows me to live my best life and to make a difference while I’m at it. For that, I am forever grateful.

Best Regards,

Ryan Torrens

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